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    Canada, it is a unique distribution regarding geography and ethnicity is a great location for studies.

    Education Consultant for Admission in Canada institutes

    Canada, the country with a unique distribution regarding geography and ethnicity is a great location for higher studies. Each year schools and colleges in Canada attracts hundreds and thousands of overseas students who want to pursue higher studies.


    The universities in Canada are globally recognized for their excellent academic standards along with consistency in quality while ranking among top universities for internationally recognized degree attained from the Canada based universities. At The Scorp Overseas Education, we bring forth the renowned education providers to help you choose a successful academic career. Most of the universities in Canada have been considered at par with the educational standards of the ones in Australia, US, and other countries based in Europe which is why our admission consultants get you in touch with best universities that are affordable with quality educational system.


    For successful completion of the study in Canada, the universities along with the government provide ample benefits to the students. Our consultants in Delhi help you access the best pathways that help you get admission at best institutions that welcome students from overseas. With high standards in academic paired with many experienced tutors acts as a catalyst to the academic career which helps the students perform in an outstanding pattern. As compared to any other country across the world, Canada offers low fees for admission. Apart from that, the universities in Canada also offer special scholarship opportunities to bring down the expenses of living in a whole new country. One can opt for these scholarship programs by seeking help from Canada admission consultants in India. We outline all the procedures to help you enter the country without any worries to pursue your dream career.


    Canada maintains a high education standard with quality living to ensure proper dispatch of best features for students to excel in studies. Despite the amazing living standards, the tuition fees along with the cost of living in the country are comparatively lower as compared to countries that include U.K. or the U.S. With the advice and help of our consultants you can get into the best universities in Canada that offer affordable tuition fees along with numerous scholarship programs that can easily be opted by students with good grades in past academic sessions.

    Ample Options

    Canada houses some of the best institutes that rank among the top education providers whether it is for the postgraduate courses or undergraduate ones. To pick the best institutes available for admission in Canada, students need to get in touch with Canada admission consultants in India. We always list the best schools and colleges that hold a good repute when it comes to placements after completion of the course.

    Access to unique learning experiences

    Canada houses educational campuses that are globally minded with ample space for critical thinking and enhanced analytical skills required by students taking admission in the schools and colleges.

    First-Hand Experience

    When you study in top Canada universities, you are offered hands-on experiences which include co-op learning while being paired with classroom education. Students are also provided internships as well as on-the-job training to help them bag good jobs.

    Supportive Services

    To help the students for the better transition from living standards of one country to another, schools and colleges in Canada have in place supportive services such as student advisers, orientation activities, academic associations, language support, social clubs, and similar programs.

    Cultural Diversity

    Canada is a nation with multiple cultures organized properly. Regardless of your ethnicity, universities in Canada always welcome you as a student to help you feel completely at home with the welcoming campuses and communities when you plan to study in Canada with the help of education consultants in Delhi.

    Post-graduation stay in Canada

    International students who study in Canada also get the job opportunities available in Canada after completion of the graduation. The graduates from Canadian universities can also apply for a transition to permanent residency when working in Canada. We can help you understand the requirements for applying for the permanent residency after completion of the academic career while pursuing a job in the same country.

    Documents required for application for a study permit

    1. Acceptance Proof

    If you are planning to study in top Canada universities, schools, or colleges, you need to have an acceptance letter provided by the college or university of concern. You need to produce the application of study permit along with original acceptance letter to get a permit approved. The sample letter for acceptance has been provided here. We can help you acquire this letter with proper contact maintained with the representatives of the institute of your choice.


    2. Identity Proof

    We can help you get an approval for studying in Canada; all you need to do is produce a valid travel document or passport in your name along with the ones for each family member accompanying you. If you are a citizen of the United States, you don’t require a passport. Along with two recently clicked passport sized pictures, you need to provide the correct information confirming your identity such as name and date of birth written on the backside of each picture.


    3. Financial Support Proof

    You need to prove that you or your parents can support the financial requirements when living in Canada either single or with a family member. You have to prove documents stating that you have ample funds to support the expenses which include:

    • For the money that has already been deposited in the Canadian bank account, you need to show the bank statement.
    • Proof of education or a student loan from any financial institution.
    • Last four months bank statement.
    • Bank draft that can be converted into currency.
    • Proof for payment of the accommodation fees or tuition fees payment.
    • Letter from institution or person providing the money for sustaining in Canada.
    • Proof of the funding being paid from Canada when it comes to special cases such as Scholarships or educational programs funded by the Canadian government.


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    Diploma, Graduate Certificates & Graduate

    Diplomas at Colleges : CAD$ 9,000 – CAD$ 14,000

    Undergraduate : CAD$ 16,000 – CAD$ 21,000

    Postgraduate : CAD$ 18,000 – CAD$ 25,000

    Note: The tuition fee is different for different universities and varies widely with courses and popularity of the Institution.