When it comes to studying in Spain, study in Spain consultants play a crucial role in guiding students through the entire process. The Scorp Overseas help you as mentioned below:

Expert Guidance and Counseling

We provide information about universities, specialized schools, study programs, admissions, visas, accommodations, residence permits, health insurance, opening bank accounts, and internship/job opportunities.

Application Process Support

Navigating the application process can be overwhelming. Consultants assist students in preparing and submitting necessary documents. They ensure that students meet all requirements and deadlines, increasing their chances of acceptance into Spanish universities.

University Selection

Choosing the right university is critical. We help students identify institutions that align with their academic goals and preferences. We consider factors such as program offerings, faculty expertise, campus facilities, and location.

Visa Assistance

Obtaining a student visa is essential for international students. We guide students through the visa application process. We provide information on required documents, interview preparation, and submission procedures.

Relocation Support

Moving to a new country involves logistical challenges. We assist with accommodation options, transportation, and settling into Spanish life. They offer practical advice to ease the transition for students.

End-to-End Support

The Scorp boasts impressive statistics: a 99% university admission rate and a 99% visa acceptance rate. We have helped over 20,000 students from 80+ nationalities achieve their study-abroad dreams. Whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or language program, our experts ensure a smooth path to your desired Spanish university